Automated Gate Installation

During the installation of your new Automated Gate System or Electric Sliding Gate, we always try to keep the disruption to yourself’s and your property to the bare minimum.

We have our own in-house fully qualified electricians, builders and ground crews. All our crews pride themselves on the quality of their work.

We are happy to work with and communicate directly with any other contractors who are working on site.

Gate Pillars

Are the most important aspect of an automated gate system – They need to be large and strong enough to deal with all the stresses that a gate system can induce. If the system is being installed on to pre-existing pillars then our crews will reenforce them internally using steel rods and braces. If we are installing new pillars then they will be designed and built to withstand all the stresses they could face from the new system.

Walls / Fences

Customers will often take the opportunity of having an automated gate system or electric sliding gates installed to increase the width of their driveway or improve the aesthetics or security of their boundary walls or fences.