Automated Gate Design

SM Automate have their own in-house design team, that will come out to your property and discuss your needs.

Because every automated gate system we design is unique to both the customer and the environment, it will speed up the process plus allow you to get the most from your new system, to read though this page before a member of our design team arrives.

Things to Consider

The following should be taken into consideration when ordering an Automated Gate system.

  • Your requirements – What do the you require from the system.
  • Aesthetics – Making sure the new system enhances the site.
  • Off the peg gate or bespoke – We have “off the peg“ styles from simple wooden three bar gates to the most elaborate metal gates. If you cannot find the design you are after then the gate can be designed to your exact requirements.
  • Existing gate \ system – Will your current gate be suitable, is your old system worth upgrading?
  • Supporting structures – Can any current walls or posts cope with the stress of an automated gate.
  • Ground work – Will the ground support a gate system or will it need strengthening.
  • Building work – Will you be happy with our ground crew and technicians working while you are there – perhaps you would like to arrange for any major work to be carried out while you are on holiday?
  • Operators – What type of operators will be suitable for the required gate. e.g. high or low security, would you like the Operators to be hidden?
  • Audio/visual system – Would you like to be able to hear and see who is at the gate.
  • CCTV / Security – Do you want to integrate your property security and monitor who is at the gate. e.g. number plate reading – viewing images on the TV screen.
  • Access control – How would you like to open the gate i.e. automatically when the vehicle/person approaches, via a keypad or via a fob.
  • Safety features – What types of safety features are required for the environment. e.g. do you have children or dogs running around, is the gate to be used by the public.
  • Cable runs – What is the best way to run the cable so it will not be damaged by vehicles, rodents or environmental conditions.- do you have currently have underground ducts?
  • Noise and Vibrations – Will it affect you or your neighbours. e.g. do you have interconnecting walls with either your house or the neighbours?
  • Power failure – What happens during a power cut. e.g would you be happy to manually open the gates or did you want a backup system.
  • Planning Permission – Do you live in a conservation area or a listed house?
  • Time scale – Does the gate system have to be fitted by a certain date or fitted in with other contracts

Drawings and Diagrams

We can supply a range of Drawings and Diagrams in various formats; these are some times required for the following.

  • Customer conformation.
  • Planning permission.
  • Neighbour consent.
  • For personal record.
  • If you are using your own ground crew.
  • If you are supplying the Gates.
  • Contractors.
  • If it is a new build property or you are having major work done on site We will be happy to fit in with other contracts


Depending of the lay of the land it is sometimes necessary to level off the area surrounding the new automatic gates. Our crews always leave the driveway whenever possible in the same or better condition than when they found it. Customers sometimes will take this opportunity to upgrade their driveway


Trenching is often needed to take cable runs (signal and power cables) back to the control box and main site buildings. We pride ourselves on the ability to hide any trenching that occurs.

  • Brick Drive – Our crew will remove the bricks from the drive, trench underneath them and then relay the bricks.
  • Grass – Our crew will take up the turf and then relay it afterwards.
  • Gravel -The gravel will be removed and then put back after the trenching has been completed.
  • Tarmac – Unfortunately it is almost impossible to match old and new tarmac, but our crews will endeavour to make any trenching as small and discreet as possible.